New to Music?

Not sure which instrument is right for you?

With so many choices it can be confusing to decide and pick your first musical instrument. At Dunkley Music we want you to have the greatest experience possible so that you continue to grow and appreciate music of all styles. We offer wonderful instruments at an affordable price for the beginning student, instruments for professionals and everything in-between. Our current offering of online rental instruments are suitable for the beginning student just starting their musical journey.


- Important things to consider when choosing an instrument -

First - We suggest listening to the perspective player. Ask your student what instrument they think they would like to play. Do they have a favorite music passage from a movie that features a specific instrument? This may be a good indication.

Second - Has the student's teacher suggested a specific instrument? Some band and orchestra instruments are large and quite heavy, smaller children may not be able to comfortably play or carry larger instruments, if the teacher has suggested a specific instrument it is probably for a good reason, however this is not the last word on the matter. We believe that your student should enjoy playing and instrument and if an instrument has been chosen they do not want to play they will be less likely to excel.

Third - We invite you and your son or daughter to explore the many choices and possibilities available. If you follow the link below you will be presented with a picture of all the instruments we rent to beginning students. Each of the instruments when clicked will take you to the specific page for that instrument giving a brief description and history. From there you can also choose to fill in your information and submit your rental request.

We look forward to filling your needs, but more importantly we want your student to enjoy their music experience. If you have any further questions please email us.


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