Orchestra Instruments

Here at Dunkley Music we pride ourselves on carrying top name brand instruments like Eastman, Yamaha, William Lewis & Sons and many others. From student models to professional models, new and used, we have instruments for every need. Come in and take a look today!

Unsure of what size orchestra instrument needed? Check out our sizing chart below or come in and have one of our staff measure today!

Violin & Viola Measuring Instructions:

  1. Extend the individuals left arm straight out, parallel to the floor with the palm facing up.
  2. Using a yard stick measure the distance from the base of the individual neck to the center of the palm.
  3. Note the distance in inches and refer to the following for the correct violin or viola size.



Arm Length


Violin Size


Viola Size

(past 14” size call for more info)


14”-15 ½”


1/16th Size




15 ½ “ -17”


1/10th Size




17”- 18 ½”


1/8th Size




18 ½”- 20 ½”


1/4th Size




20 ½”- 22 ½”


1/2 Size


12” Size


22 ½”- 24”


3/4 Size


13” Size




Full Size


14” or Larger